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Do You Want to Make Money Online?

Our Mission Is To Help You Achieve This Goal

We're 100% sure you are here because you want to make money online, maybe you are in debt and looking for an extra source of income, or maybe you are fed up with your current professional situation and want to shift to self employment, or maybe you just want to have more money to buy the things and do the things your weekly payout can't afford!
Either way we assume you are one of these two people:

1- You had never tried to make money online before.
2- You tried before but you did not make great results, or even worse you did not make a dime at all!


1- You are confused about where to start from.
2- You are feeling lost and disappointed,  and afraid of trying new programs.

Now you may just think about what if you found the right program and start making great profits, what will you do with the money you'll start earning?

Maybe you will go for your dream long vacation, maybe you will put a huge rock on your fiance's finger, maybe you will buy a new car, or pay the mortgage of your house. Probably you will quit your daily job and be self-employed to wake up whenever you want without being worried of being late to work, you will find more vacant time to spend with your love ones, and you will contribute more to your society. You will finally feel what is it like to be financially free!

But, unfortunately the internet is full with programs claiming they will make you money online, but either they don't make you a dime, or you don't understand how to use them and end up lost with no earnings.
Therefore we chose our mission to be helping making the internet a better world by putting an end to all the amateur and useless programs and products.

We are here to make your online business journey a great one, and most importantly make sure you will make money online.

For this reason we searched the internet for the best sources of income and we put them in one place for you. We created an online courses membership website for you we named it the OPF Kit "Online Profiting Formulas Kit".

Inside the OPF Kit you will find the largest number of sources of income. Each source comes with a tutorial on how to use it, and a real example to follow.

And we are giving this OPF kit to you so you can start making money from day 1, making great profits so you can achieve your financial freedom and get all what you dreamed about!

What Makes Us Different & Unique?

We're Simple
Simple Teaching Methods

Anyone can use the sources of income in the OPF Kit. All tutorials are easy to follow with examples to imitate.

We're Passionate
About Making Money

We're in the online business for years now, and it's our number 1 source of income. We want the same for you.

We're Professional
Bringing You The Best Sources

All the sources of income inside the OPF Kit are fully tested and guaranteed to work.

We're Universal
With No Boundaries

Our platform is used worldwide by men and women. We help everyone to put their foot in the online business wherever and however they are.

The OPF Kit

Every one seeking making profits online faces the challenge of understanding the program he is using. This is where conventional programs treat their users as master experts.

With the OPF Kit, every source of income and network comes with a tutorial that will show you step by step how to use it, and explain you every single aspect of it. Along with real examples to follow.


4 Levels For All Users

Sources of Income Distributed On 4 Levels to Make It Easy For Everyone To Focus

The OPF Kit is an online courses membership website. The courses are about how to set every single source of income inside the program. Every source of income comes with a tutorial and an example to follow. We divided these sources of income on 4 levels depending on how much easy they are to use, and how much money they will make you.

Simple Tasks

Make money online doing very simple and easy tasks. This level will make the least of profits.

3rd Parties Projects

Get paid to work on other people and companies projects. This level will make you a decent income.

Affiliate Marketing

Promote others' products and make good commissions. This level will make a great profits.


Be a vendor yourself, and cash big. This level is the big deal, it has the maximum profits.

Amazing Sources of Income
Tricks, and Techniques to Start Profiting Online

Everything you need to start making money online, to keep on track, and to start profiting from day 1
My $300 From Day 1
Most Sufficient Technique to Start

This is by far our most guaranteed, trusted, and fastest way to make money online! It's the right way to start!

Get Paid for Clicks
Easiest Way to Make Money

Discover the most reliable networks that will pay for clicks. It's easy, simple, and fast.

Get Paid for Tasks
Get Money & Rewards Completing Tasks

Start earning money and rewards from completing simple tasks. Get access to the most famous network, and start earning immediately.

Get Paid for Surveys
No More B.S Surveys

Make real cash for taking real surveys from real companies. Find out the power of your opinion.

The Power of $5
Build a Business Around $5

Discover how you can build your own business online by getting hundreds of $5 payouts for just sharing your skills.

The Paid Contractor
Take 3rd Parties Project

The network that will contact you with 3rd parties, and pay you hundreds of dollars to work their projects.

The Hidden Talent
The Golden Talent

The talent that every human possess but ignores it. Join the few and start making great with it. Make it even your main job!

Affiliate Marketing
As Never Before

No more wasting of your time, money and effort for making little or nothing.
A new approach to cash big with affiliate marketing.

Not Any Network

The most reputable affiliate networks to join. No need to waste your time with networks that will never pay you.

Cause Products Matter

Find out the products deserve being promoted! A product which does not meet the perfect product criteria does not deserve your efforts!

Sources of Strong Traffic

A source of traffic that will make you 5 sales for 100 clicks is way more valuable than one that send you 100,000 clicks but no sale! Find out these sources.

Revolutionary Techniques
It's All About How You Do It

Discover the techniques you were ignoring while promoting other people products. They will flip over your sales chart.

Simple Yet Effective

Sometimes it's about the most simple things. Sometimes strong converting traffic is hidden in the most simple and known places. Take advantage of it.

The Elite Online Marketer
Create Your Own Products

Become a vendor creating your own products and programs using the Lucrative Business Blueprint "LBB". 12 different products and programs to choose from.

M3 Strategy
The $1 Million In One Year

The secret strategy mentioned in LBB isused by millionaires in all fields, apply it to your online business and join them.

Tutorials & Examples
Follow The Tutorial, Imitate The Exampel

Real examples to follow and imitate in the tutorials. Learn how to make money online the professional way.

The Community
Members Discussion

Join thousands of other OPF Kit users, learn from their experiences, and share with them your results and achievements.

The Assistance
When You Are In Need of Help

Whenever you need help our team is ready to assist you with all you need. You will never feel lost.

The Simple to Use Sytsem

Easy steps to folllow
The OPF Kit is as easy to use as 1, 2, 3!
Because we have been through what you might faced before, we insisted on making the OPF Kit very easy to use! And to avoid you being confused or lost when using it, we made it to be as simple as having only 3 steps to do!
We gathered all sorts of sources of online income in the OPF Kit, and you can start making online profits from them just following 3 simple steps!
All you have to do is choosing a source of income, follow the tutorial provided to set it up, and then wait for profits to be generated!
These steps are universal, they work for anyone with any level and experience!

Whether You’re A Beginner Or An Advanced Pro
We’ve Got You Covered

Are you new to online business, professional, or you have a very decent experience?
The OPF Kit will apply to  your needs! It's convenient to all levels!

Just getting started?

you'll love using our...

  • Simple yet effective sources of income!
  • Step by step guidance we are providing, so you can set any source of income to start making you profits as soon as possible!
  • Real examples to imitate. Methods we used our selves and that are proven to work, you can just copy them!
  • 24/7 support from our expert team!
  • Tools and materials you can download, which will help you in achieving the best results ever.

With experience?

you'll love using our...

  • Revolutionary techniques and tricks that are used by top online marketers!
  • LBB program which will take you to a new level! You'll join the online business masters league!
  • Professional assistance to help you setting your campaigns and guide you to the right path that will make you the best profits ever!
  • Top secrets we are using ourselves in order to be on the top of the list in our business!

Get Started

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This package includes these levels: Starter, Intermediate, & Pro.
The Elite level (LBB Program) is not included.


This package includes all the levels: Starter, Intermediate, Pro, & Elite.
The Elite level (LBB Program) is included.

Got Questions?
Get Answers

We love questions, almost as much as we love providing answers. Here are a few examples of what we’re typically asked, along with our responses :
What is the OPF Kit?

OPF Kit (Online Profiting Formulas Kit) is a teaching program that will show you how to make money online with different ways! Either you have no experience in making money online, or you are already in the online business, the OPF Kit will give you access to a number of sources of income that are tested and guaranteed to make you profits online.

These sources of income are divided on 4 levels, Starter, Intermediate, Pro, and Elite, depending on how easy are the sources of income to use, and how much money they will make.

How much does the OPF Kit cost?

You can get access to the OPF Kit paying just one single fee. No future or hidden fees!
We are running special offers from time to time, so check one of the ordering buttons on this page to know the exact fee.

How can I get access to the OPF Kit?

Simply click on the "Create an OPF Kit account" button, and you will be redirected to the order page. After placing an order, we will send you an email with the access details to your own OPF Kit account.

Do I need any experience to start using the OPF Kit?

Not at all! The OPF Kit is made to fit all categories! We made it very easy to use, with step by step guidance, and with illustrations and examples to follow! All you need is a simple computer (Mac and PC) and an internet connection!

So, how does the OPF Kit work?

The OPF Kit will guide you step by step into entering the world of making money online.

We divided the program into 4 levels (Starter, Intermediate, Pro, and Elite); the Starter is the easiest way to make money online, generally by doing some simple tasks.

The Intermediate level will make you more money online and it requires more work.

The Pro level will give you access to the most revolutionary techniques and tricks to make money online by promoting other people products as an affiliate. You will get access to the best sources of the strongest traffic online. This level will generate a great income for you if you follow the instructions inside the OPF Kit carefully!

The Elite level will give you access to your copy of the LBB (Lucrative Business Blueprint)! The LBB is the blueprint that will guide you to be a vendor yourself and gives you access to the M3 marketing strategy or so called the $1 million strategy.

NEW! The "My First $300" section will show you the top technique used to make money online. Following the steps in this section, you can achieve to make your first $300 from your day 1 from using the OPF Kit!

Do I need to spend money in order to use thesources of income inside the OPF Kit?

No! The sources of income inside the OPF Kit are free to use. Just in some few cases where you have to pay a small fee to the network behind the source of income you will use, like paying for the traffic they will send you.

Do I need any experience to start using the OPF Kit?

Not at all! The OPF Kit is made to fit all categories! We made it very easy to use, with step by step guidance, and with illustrations and examples to follow! All you need is a simple computer (Mac and PC) and an internet connection!

How much can I make using the OPF Kit?

There's no exact amount of money you can make using the OPF Kit. All the results you will make will depend on the work you will do, and the effort you will put!

When can I start using the OPF Kit?

You can start using your OPF Kit account right away after putting an order! Just click the button below to create an OPF Kit account, and we will send you your access details!

Still have questions? Send us an email to

Hundreds of Happy Users
And Counting

Read what the professionals who tested the OPF Kit are saying

"No, OPF Kit is not a scam. It is a legitimate guide to making money on the internet. It’s not perfect, but it does contain a lot of useful information. I’m sure that you will be able to make money if you try some of the methods shown within OPF Kit."

Marcus Cross
Founder of

"I always say if I learn one thing from a course, then it has been worthwhile, and I did come across some traffic sources from this course that I had never used before (and will be testing) and so in which case, I would have considered it worthwhile for me."

Stacey Berriman
Founder of

"The four levels of OPF Kit are Starter, Intermediate, Pro and Elite.  Each offers a different way of making money, each has its own training and resources, and each has an increasing level of difficulty.  The easiest ways of making money are not going to produce the most revenue.  As you work through the program, you’ll find that the amount of work you need to put into making money increases, but then again, so does the potential amount that you can earn."

Cherlie Essmeier
Founder of

"Online Profiting Formulas is for people who want to make a living online ... It is also for those who are from third-world countries (like me) where we are not accepted in certain programs.
If you want to increase your knowledge on making money online, then you can try the OPF Kit."

Tony Omary
Founder of

Who is & Who isn't This Program For?

We don't want to waste your time and money, so make sure to answer "Yes" to the following questions:

1- Do you have basic computer skills?
Can you use a mouse and a keyboard? Do you know how to search for information on Google?

2- Can you follow step by step instructions?
Every source of income with easy to follow tutorial, with illustrations, clean screenshots, and examples to follow.

3- Can you commit to the program?
You will achieve the best results with the OPF Kit if you commit to the courses inside it. You need to hold on for a while from keeping searching for other programs. You need to remove the distraction from your learning journey.

4- Can you be patient?
Some of the sources of income inside the OPF kit may take some times to show results, some may work within 24 hours. But in both cases you need to be patient. If you look for a magic button once you click it your bank account will be flooded with money, then this is not the case.

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This package includes these levels: Starter, Intermediate, & Pro.
The Elite level (LBB Program) is not included.


This package includes all the levels: Starter, Intermediate, Pro, & Elite.
The Elite level (LBB Program) is included.

Who We Are?
ThirtyNine 309

An experienced team dedicated to your help

ThirtyNine 309 Inc. is the creator of the OPF Kit program. And we at ThirtyNine we are a group of experts in the online marketing business.

We've been in this business for more than 5 years now! And we are from different backgrounds! IT savvies, marketers, web designers, writers, etc... And all of us had tried different sorts of programs and methods looking to making money online.

And as many people, we too have been faced with disappointment at the beginning being lost and not knowing how to figure out the right way to make money online, but after experimenting and testing, and self educating, we gained the right experience and knowledge to start making a decent income online.

Actually now online business is our main source of income!

We are doing almost all kind of business that can be conducted online! From social media advertising for third parties, blogging, affiliate marketing, promoting our own online products, etc...

And since we've experienced the frustration that most seekers of online profits are facing, we decided to create this program "the OPF Kit" to help anyone, started like us from zero, achieve good results as we are doing now!

The road to online success is not easy, and there are no shortcuts, but with the right guidance, like the one you will find in the OPF Kit, you can overcome it and reach your goal, creating a strong income online!


Our Guarantee
60-Day Money Back

To feel safe about using the OPF Kit, and to get sure it has a very good value, you will be protected by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 60 days.
Try the OPF Kit for 60 days and if you don't like it, just ask for a refund! But we don't think you will ask for it! You'll be amazed by how professional and lucrative the OPF Kit is!

Contact Us
We'll Be Happy to Help

Have any questions? Fill in the form below, or send an email to

Our Twin Program

"How to Make $1 Million/ Year Using Your Hobbies & Skills"

*When you open an OPF Kit account, this program will be included for FREE within the Elite Level.
If you are solely interested in the LBB, you can get it using the button above.

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